Tulips as your wedding flower choice

It’s just another day for the flowers delivery service, but for you, it is the most important day of your life. The day you get married everything had to be perfect and placed just how you imagined it. When it boils down to things that have to be just how you imagined them, the flower setup is one of those things.If you have thought long and hard which flowers you would like to be placed on your wedding day and you decided that Tulips are you go-to flower choice, then we congratulate you on an excellent pick as every flower delivery service in Ireland loves when tulips are chosen for a wedding. However, if you want to organize further what setting you to want the tulips to be in you ought to check out the styles we have listed below.Tulips are absolutely a stunning type of flower. They go great with everything and for us the best choices to place them are:

Monochromatic style

When it comes to tulips not a lot of effort needs to be placed in them so they would look amazing. Tulips can look good with as little as nothing, and sometimes that’s good enough to make them shine. Group them up when you pick a color to tie them down and there you have it the most simplistic and beautiful design you can get thanks to the awesomeness of tulip

Tulips and Fresh Greens mixture

Tulips can go perfectly fine solo but if you want to give them something to contrast their beauty with a natural feeling than giving them a mixture of green leaves or vines. Tulips have amazing colors that can go great with green, and if you are looking for a flower setting for the tables, this can be one of those amazing setups.

The exotic tulip

There is no such thing as an exotic tulip, however, if you place some exotic leaves with it like a  zebra leaf you can make this tulip flower setup look totally badass. The setup looks amazing and has that eastern vibe to it.

Multi-colored Arrangement

The ultimate combo that can be made with tulips. The one where you pick several colors of tulips and mix them all together. This combo looks stunning and can liven up any place in a matter of seconds.