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Our florist

Our founder Kara Hart is and always was a florist at heart. She is responsible for the great vision this company has had since the beginning as she has consistently fought to make this company great. The quality of service she passed on to her employees has made it possible for the company to grow and expand to the whole of Ireland. Today she still manages a shop in Dublin and is thinking of new ways to transfer her passion for flowers to new bouquets. We hope that her experience will still guide this company for decades to come.


About us

We are the best flowers delivering business in all of Ireland. Ever since the beginning, we have strived to provide the best service we could for the lowest price on the market. Our quality of service since then has become a staple from which other flowers shops learn and draw inspiration. We have many different packages that we can provide for our customers, but we specialize in providing wedding flower decoration arrangements and everything that goes with it.If you are uncertain of which flowers you should pick for your perfect day, you don’t need to worry as we have you covered. If you are interested in making all the plans down by yourself where we will just do the ground work, or you want to leave everything to us, we can accommodate both situations. With us, like your flower delivery service, you will never again have to worry about getting a quality service at any time of the week. We also provide flowers for unique occasions where we can accommodate any setting that you have imagined as we will do our best to make it into reality.


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